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Play that funky music...
  Private Lessons    

Lesson plans are uniquely tailored to each individual.  Ben will take time to understand the kind of music you like as well as your objectives and goals so that he can create lessons that suit you and are both enjoyable and challenging, enabling you to develop skills at your own pace.

  Intermediate Players    
  Been Playing a While?    

We start off with the very basics.  How to hold the guitar, tune the guitar and the basic chord shapes.  Similarly for the bass and with the drums.  You’ll find it amazing how quickly you start to make the right noises and play the songs you like to listen to.

For those of you with some previous playing experience, we will increase your chord / strumming pattern vocabulary, focus on arpeggios, scales and start to look at soloing - then the fun can really start!

Perhaps you simply want to better your technique, learn a new style or maybe how to read music.  We’ll discuss your personal requirements and create a lesson plan that will work to improve you as a player. 


$35 per 30 mins

$65 per hour


Group lesson rates are available upon request.  Please note rates are subject to surcharge depending on travel distance and time.

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