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Guitar Lesson
Music Mindfulness
Music Mindfulness:
Improve productivity  & reduce stress    

The office environment can be stressful, high pressure and sometimes uninspiring which can have a negative effect on a person's productivity and ultimately the business.   Unlike brain games, playing an instrument is a rich and complex experience. This is because it's integrating information from the senses of vision, hearing, and touch, along with fine movements. 


I designed the Music Mindfulness program as a way to enable office-based individuals to experience a tangental break, unleash their creativity and return to work re-energized and focused on the task at hand.  How?

  • Music increases blood flow in your brain.  Studies have found that short bursts of musical training increase the blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain.  That can be helpful when you need a burst of energy.....skip the energy drink and jam for 30mins.

  • Music is clinically proven to reduce stress, depression & anxiety.

  • Musical training strengthens the brain's executive function which covers critical tasks like processing, retaining information, controlling behavior, making decisions and problem-solving.

How it works   
What it costs   

1. Designate a day(s) of the week for the Music Mindfulness program.

2. Reserve a huddle room or small meeting room for the classes to take place.

3. Enable employees to sign up in advance for their 50-minute guitar or bass lesson.

4. Classes are taught back to back across the day and sessions can be re-booked there and then for the following week.


Do I need

$500 full day

$300 half day 

1. Do employees need to bring their own instruments? 

No, I can supply a guitar/bass for them to use for the lesson.

2. Music Mindfulness is really popular, how can we offer it to more employees?

We can switch to shorter lessons (30mins per session) or offer the program across multiple days.

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